How to Encourage Independent Play With Lizzie Assa

Independent play looks different for every kid. Play expert Lizzie Assa joins Dr. Becky to share practical ideas for making it part of your family’s routine.

45 Min

Independent play isn’t just for our kids. It’s for us, too. Let’s be real: We all need a break from 24/7 caregiving to show up as the parents we want to be. But how do you actually help kids feel comfortable and confident playing alone—not to mention reduce your own guilt about not joining in? Lizzie Assa, the play expert behind the Workspace for Children, joins Dr. Becky on the podcast this week to discuss all things independent play. The two reframe what independent play means and explain why it looks different for every kid. Then, they model simple, actionable strategies to turn “quiet time” into a reality in your home (yes, really). You’ll end the episode with tons of creative ideas for building your child’s independence and a deeper understanding of your own relationship to imagination, too.

For more, visit The Workspace for Children and use the discount code PLAY for 20% off of the Quiet Time and Independent Play Course here:

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