Mom Rage With Anna Mathur

Your rage is a symptom of unmet needs. Listen in as Dr. Becky and therapist Anna Mathur reframe “mom rage” and offer practical strategies for self-care.

43 Min

Mom rage is real. Have you ever let out a primal scream in your kitchen? Felt the urge to drop everything and sprint out the front door? Dr. Becky and fellow psychotherapist Anna Mathur are right there with you. And they’re fired up to tell a new story about what this anger means: Mom rage is a sign of unmet needs. In this week’s episode, the two share a raw, real conversation on parental rage—exploring how shame, self-blame, and societal expectations of selfless parenting run many of us, especially mothers, into the ground. They share thoughtful reframes on what it means to be a “good parent,” along with practical strategies on how to check-in with your needs before you burn out. Remember: When you show up for yourself, you’re showing up for your family, too.

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