Rethinking Bossy

“Bossy” kids are good kids having a hard time with flexibility. Learn how to help them build new skills without shutting down their strong sense of self.

30 Min

Raise your hand if you have a child who likes to take charge. Now keep your hand raised if you’ve ever snapped “Stop being so bossy!” Hand still up? Well, Dr. Becky’s is too. And here’s the thing: You’re not a bad parent. And your kid’s not a bad kid. You have a good kid who has a hard time with flexibility. In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky discusses how to help your assertive child build the skills they need without shutting down their strong sense of self. She offers a new framework for “bossiness” and, as always, pairs her big ideas with practical parenting strategies you can use in your home right away. Two things are true: You can love that your child knows what they want and teach them how to make space for what others want, too.

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