It’s Okay If You Don’t Like to Play

Does playing with your kid ever feel like a chore? Learn how to set boundaries, release guilt, and rediscover what playfulness means to you in this episode.

33 Min

If you don’t like playing with your kids, here’s what that means: You’re human. There are so many parents who don’t feel playful, get distracted during kids’ games, or dread pretend play! And realizing that it’s okay to not like playing… Well, that’s actually the number one thing that will help you engage in it more easily. This week, Dr. Becky hears from three parents who struggle with playfulness and offers practical strategies for approaching play in new ways, including repurposing it for yourself. You’ll learn how to set boundaries, release guilt, and rediscover your own sense of playfulness—which will probably help you even more than it helps your child.

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