Setting Boundaries With Nedra Tawwab

Best-selling author and therapist Nedra Tawwab shares her expertise on all things boundaries: what they mean, where to start, how to handle pushback, and more.

45 Min

Boundaries aren’t selfish. They’re self-preservation. If this idea makes you uncomfortable, believe us, you’re not alone! So many of us grew up learning to tune out our own needs in favor of pleasing others. Here’s the thing: Now, as adults, that circuit no longer serves us. If you feel exhausted, resentful, or overwhelmed… this episode is for you. Dr. Becky talks with therapist and best-selling author of “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” Nedra Tawwab about all things boundaries: what they really mean, where to start, how to set them, what makes them so hard, how to handle pushback, and more. You’ll learn the difference between “self-care” and “after-care,” why saying yes is just as important as saying no, and a ton of actionable strategies (including how Dr. Becky and Nedra manage their calendars to avoid over-committing). Remember: Your needs and wants matter, even when others have different needs and wants.

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