Raffi on Curiosity, Play, and Treating Kids with Respect

Beloved children’s musician Raffi talks with Dr. Becky about the big ideas behind his songs and why he believes in honoring kids as unique individuals.

46 Min

Down by the Bay. Baby Beluga. Bananaphone. Any of these ring, ring, ring a bell? If so, it’s likely that this week’s podcast guest, Raffi, was the soundtrack to your childhood and might just be a go-to for your children now, too. The musician created songs for kids that were just as heartfelt and gentle as they were fun and silly—all inspired by his belief in honoring children as whole people. He recently joined Dr. Becky for a live conversation to share some of the big ideas behind his beloved music and answer questions from Good Inside members. The two discuss their shared values of compassionate curiosity, playfulness, and treating kids as unique individuals. Most importantly, they touch on a foundational truth: When we raise children with love and respect—when we see them as good inside—we help change the world.

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