How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Learn how stop the people pleasing cycle for yourself and for the next generation.

33 Min

It’s hard to say no. Really hard. If you were raised to be a “good kid,” to be agreeable, to make other people happy… well, then it makes complete sense that it’s hard for you to prioritize yourself as an adult. Here’s the good news: This “people pleasing” trait isn’t all of you . It’s just part of you. And as a recovering people pleaser herself, Dr. Becky knows exactly how to connect with this part while strengthening other parts of yourself—so that you can set healthy boundaries, respond to pushback, and reduce guilt. Even better: This episode’s scripts and strategies won’t only help you stop the people pleasing cycle for yourself, but also for the next generation. Let’s model how to honor our own needs while staying connected to others, so our kids can do the same.

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