Sore Losing and What to Do About It

Learn what’s underneath sore losing and how you can help your child become a better sport, a kinder winner, and a more tolerant loser.

30 Min

Raise your hand if you don’t like losing. Full transparency: Dr. Becky’s hand is up! Guessing yours is, too. It never feels good to lose… at any age, right? Of course, it also doesn’t feel good to watch your kid have a meltdown after losing, cheat in a game, or obsess over winning. We want to raise kids who are “good sports,” but most strategies for teaching sportsmanship just turn out to be lectures. Dr. Becky has a totally different approach. In this week’s episode, she tells parents that it’s totally okay if your kid hates losing or loves winning: The goal isn’t to change how they feel about losing or winning, the goal is to help them tolerate discomfort. Her game-changing strategies on sportsmanship will help you activate curiosity, deshame competition, and understand your child in an entirely new way. Remember: Your child is good inside, even when they’re having a hard time on the outside.


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