How to End Power Struggles

Learn why power struggles happen, how to defuse them when they pop up, and how to stop them before they start.

31 Min

You ask your child to put on their shoes or brush their teeth, and you’re met with a flat-out “No!” If you’re like most parents, you’re familiar with the power struggle that follows: You insist, your kid resists or ignores you, you get frustrated, they get frustrated, and nobody wins. The good news? There’s another way. This week, Dr. Becky answers questions from three different parents about tricky moments of refusal with their kids. As always, she zooms out to consider the big picture: Why do our kids say “no” in the first place? Then, she offers actionable scripts and strategies to connect to your child’s experience, while embodying your authority as a parent. You’ll leave this episode with a game-changing framework for resistance and a ton of tools to increase cooperation in your home.

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