But Does This Parenting Approach Actually Work?

This is the episode for you (or your partner!) if there’s skepticism or criticism of a parenting approach without punishment and sticker-charts.

32 Min

A part of you is skeptical of the Good Inside approach. Or maybe you’ve tried out the scripts and strategies, and it’s just not working. You might be wondering, “How does this actually help a child prepare for the real world? Is this how I should be parenting? Do I believe in this?” Well, you’re asking the right questions, and you found the right episode. This week, Dr. Becky hears from parents who are skeptical about this whole approach. She validates their very real doubts, fears, and frustrations. She connects to their hopes for their kids. And she gives straightforward answers to questions that challenge her beliefs. While this episode is full of scripts and strategies, it also brings up an important foundational idea: It’s okay to be skeptical of Good Inside. Your skepticism means you really care about how you parent your kids—and that means we’re on the same team.

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