When Your Tween Is Rejected

Learn strategies for supporting your older child when they feel rejected – including feeling left out on social media.

22 Min

As our kids grow up, their peer lives become even more important to them. They also become more complicated. One reason: Tweens and teens aren’t just navigating tricky friendship situations, like rejection, in person… they’re navigating them on social media, too. With this in mind, Dr. Becky explores how parents can support older kids in today’s bonus follow-up episode to “When Your Kid Is Rejected.” She models how to be present with your tween’s painful feelings, while simultaneously building their resilience for difficult experiences in the future. You’ll learn how to help your child in the moment while equipping them with life-long skills—from compassionate self-talk to mindful engagement with social media.

For more on peer dynamics, listen to the below episodes wherever you find your podcasts.

“When Your Kid Is Rejected”

Apple: https://apple.co/3uQiebD

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3u8xgdW

“‘She Can’t Play with Us’ and Other Tricky Friendship Moments”

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