When Your Kid Is Rejected

When your child is left out, use these strategies to offer support and build long term resilience.

29 Min

Your child tells you, “No one played with me on the playground today.” You find out they’re the only one not invited to a sleepover. They come home one day and say, “My best friend has a new best friend.” What do we do in these moments? In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky follows-up on her episode about Tricky Friendship Moments to answer your questions about when your kid is the one being rejected. She explores how to build a safe foundation so your kids feel comfortable coming to you with difficult experiences. Then, she walks through practical scripts and strategies to help them feel less alone in these experiences—including her three all-time favorite parenting lines.

For more on peer dynamics, listen to “She Can’t Play with Us” and Other Tricky Friendship Moments here:

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