You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Work and Motherhood with Reshma Saujani

Reshma and Dr. Becky discuss how Moms shouldn’t have to choose between parenthood and work – and Reshma’s ideas to solve this problem.


Working moms are burnt out. And it’s not our fault. After two years of juggling Zoom calls, homeschooling, childcare, household chores, and chronic stress, it’s never been more clear that our system just wasn’t built to support caregivers. Reshma Saujani is ready to change that. This week, Reshma—mom of two, CEO and founder of GirlsWhoCode, activist, and author—joins Dr. Becky to talk about what recovery from a pandemic really looks like for families and why it’s on employers to “pay up.” The two not only get vulnerable about their own struggles as working moms, but also discuss practical calls-to-action for companies. Their conversation is an ultimate two-things-are-true moment: You can have a family and a career. Let’s fight for a system that makes room for both parts of us.

For more, check out Reshma’s latest book, “Pay Up: The Future of Women and Work (and Why It’s Different Than You Think)”.


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