It’s Okay Not to Share

Learn how to help your child build both sense of self and generosity – and how to handle tough “no sharing” moments.

29 Min

Imagine this: You’re reading a book and your friend says, “Oh I’ve been wanting to read that! Can I have it now?” You probably wouldn’t hand it over mid-chapter, but offer to share it once you’re done, right? And yet, when it comes to our kids, we worry that if they don’t share immediately… they’re not a good kid. This week, Dr. Becky offers a completely different perspective: It’s okay not to share sometimes. She listens to three families’ different sharing struggles and unpacks what’s really happening when kids feel possessive. For each situation, she models actionable strategies to manage these tricky moments, while helping your child learn how to balance their desires with those of others. Remember: We want our kids to assert their needs and we want them to be kind, generous people. We don’t have to choose.

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