Divorce Doesn’t Mess Kids Up

Let’s change the narrative that “divorce messes up kids” and focus instead on what kids need to find resilience through family changes.

27 Min

Kids don’t need two parents in the same home to thrive. Here’s what kids need: Loving adults who allow, validate, and get curious about their feelings. And guess what? You can be that parent for your child whether you’re married, single, or co-parenting. This week, Dr. Becky throws out the outdated narrative that “divorce messes kids up” and introduces a new approach to supporting kids through separations. She hears from three parents navigating divorce and co-parenting, and offers deep thoughts and practical strategies on how to handle the unique challenges each presents. From transitioning between households to navigating different parenting styles, you’ll learn how to stay grounded, center your child’s experience, and embrace all of your kid’s emotions.

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