Monica and Adam Mosseri on Managing Separation Anxiety

Adam and Monica Mosseri share their child’s separation struggles and talk through various strategies to make goodbyes easier for everyone.

37 Min

Does your kid struggle to separate from you? Or maybe “struggle” feels like the world’s biggest understatement given the non-stop tears, screams, and clinging-on-for-dear-life that happens anytime you leave? You’re not the only one: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and his wife Monica get it. In fact, sometimes leaving their five-year-old son for date night feels more exhausting than relaxing. This week, the couple joins the podcast with Dr. Becky to brainstorm what’s going for their son when they leave and how to help him through the feelings behind his behavior. From keeping goodbyes short to telling stories from our own childhoods, the three talk through strategies to use both inside and outside the moment to reduce separation anxiety, increase safety, and ground ourselves (and our kids) in goodness.

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