“Your Haircut Looks Crazy!” and Other Not-So-Nice Comments

Develop a new framework for understanding your child’s offensive comments – and develop skills for how to respond productively.

30 Min

Kids say a lot of wild things. Sometimes nice and sometimes … well, not-so-nice. We’ve all experienced a moment where our kid makes fun of a friend, comments on a stranger’s appearance, or acts inappropriately. We know we feel uncomfortable, we know our kid didn’t *mean* to be mean, but we might not know what to do. Well, this week’s episode answers just that. Dr. Becky hears from three parents and walks through the nuances of responding to our kid’s rude behaviors. She models practical in-the-moment strategies to soften tension and outside-the-moment ones to help kids build the skills they’re missing in the first place. And, most importantly, she reminds parents that this behavior is all developmentally appropriate: You have a good kid, even in the trickiest moments.

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