Deep Dive: @SharonSaysSo on Preparing Kids for Social Media and the Internet

Sharon McMahon and Dr. Becky discuss how to manage and talk about social media and internet browsing with your teen.

43 Min

There’s no one right way to approach technology with teens. But there is a framework: Instead of *protecting* your kid from the internet, focus on *preparing* them for it. In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky talks with Sharon McMahon, the woman known as “America’s government teacher” behind the popular podcast and IG @SharonSaysSo, about teaching her teens to mindfully engage with social media. The two walk through scripts for talking to our kids about technology and strategies for building media literacy skills. Remember: While we can’t control everything our kids see online, we can establish ourselves as a safe person to talk to about what they might find.

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