Deep Dive: Myleik Teele on What No One Tells You About Parenthood

Myleik and Dr. Becky get real about how hard parenthood is and the truths they wish people told them early on.

45 Min

Becoming a parent is really hard. And part of what makes it hard is the unrealistic narrative about what parenthood should feel like. In this Deep Dive episode, Dr. Becky has a real, raw, say-it-how-it-is discussion about parenthood with one of her favorite new friends, Myleik Teele, a multi-hyphenate career woman, mom, and founder of CURLBOX. Myleik and Dr. Becky don’t hold anything back: They share their experiences of their transitions to parenthood, why the first year is so hard, and what they wish people told them before becoming mothers. The two walk through creating an “emotional registry” that goes beyond swaddles, bottles, and toys to consider *your* needs as a person, not just a parent. They talk honestly about what you may lose when you bring a new child into your family. And they share scripts for talking with your partner, so you can enter parenthood feeling connected. While no podcast episode can single-handedly make parenthood any easier, this one will help you feel less alone in all the tricky moments that are sure to come.

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