Why Kids Lie and What to Do About It

Learn why kids really lie (spoiler alert: it’s not because they’re disrespectful) and new strategies that encourage honesty and openness.

24 Min

When your child says something like “I just saw a komodo dragon in my room!” or “I drove the bus home from school today!”, your first impulse might be to say, “Sweetie, that’s not true.” But here’s the thing: There’s always a truth in every lie. In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky talks to three parents about a new approach to lying – one that involves responding with curiosity so you can find out what’s really going on with your child. She explores how to unpack a child’s imaginative stories and respond in ways that build connection… without encouraging dishonesty. From engaging in play to modeling recovery from a lie, you’ll learn multiple different strategies for getting to the kernel of truth your child is trying to communicate.

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