Deeply Feeling Kids Need a Different Approach

Deeply Feeling Kids need a different approach and different strategies. Learn why these kids are so reactive and how to give them the help they need.

29 Min

If your child escalates quickly, struggles to calm down, and hates talking about their feelings… there’s nothing wrong with them. And there’s nothing wrong with you. Your kid is probably a Deeply Feeling Kid. In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky hears from three parents of DFKs and explains why these kids need a different approach—and what that approach looks like. She shares scripts and strategies to help you show up as a sturdy leader, put up boundaries to stop difficult behavior, and bring out the good inside your child. Dr. Becky also reminds parents that seeking additional support for your DFK is a sign of everything that’s *right* in your family: You’re willing to work through the tricky things, together. 

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