Yes, One-Year-Olds Have Tantrums

Forget the terrible twos – one-year-olds have meltdowns too! Learn why meltdowns happen, what to do, and exactly what to say.

26 Min

Everyone talks about the “terrible twos,” but we rarely acknowledge the tricky twelve- to twenty-four-month stage. At one year, kids are rapidly developing: They’re exploring the world, figuring out how to express their needs, and testing limits. It’s messy, but here’s the thing: The more prepared you are for this stage, the more grounded you can be in those messy moments. In this week’s episode, Dr. Becky talks with three parents about the challenges of raising a one-year-old—from throwing food to throwing a tantrum. She emphasizes that our kids are not trying to irritate us, they’re trying to learn, and shares practical strategies for helping them learn in a safe environment.

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