Talking With Your Kids About Private Parts, How Babies Are Made, and More…

Get equipped with scripts for conversations with your child about body parts, how babies are made, and other important topics.

27 Min

There’s no “appropriate age” to start talking about sensitive topics, like sex or private parts, with kids. When a child asks a question, it means they’re ready for a (developmentally appropriate) answer. Of course, while many of us want to talk openly with our kids, few of us had honest conversations about these topics when we were younger. It’s normal to feel stuck or awkward! In this episode, Dr. Becky walks through multiple scripts for affirming your child’s natural curiosity about bodies, babies, and more without any shame, so they feel safe coming to you with all sorts of questions as they get older. Remember this: It’s not our honesty, but our avoidance, that makes kids uncomfortable about their bodies.

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