Gabby Bernstein Helps Dr. Becky with Her Anxiety

Gabby and Dr. Becky discuss various coping techniques – and Gabby walks Dr. Becky through a tapping exercise.

39 Min

You’re feeling uncomfortable, your chest is tight, your mind starts racing. So many of us recognize this feeling: anxiety. But how many of us really understand it? Or feel capable of managing it? This week, Dr. Becky turns the tables and tries something totally new: She asks her friend Gabby Bernstein, international speaker and best-selling author, to join the podcast to help her with her own anxiety. As they both speak openly about their struggles with anxiety, Dr. Becky and Gabby dig into what our body is really trying to tell us in anxious moments. Then, they walk through transformative, tried-and-true tools for approaching our worries with compassionate curiosity—from simply saying “Hi, anxiety” to doing a tapping exercise. Their conversation is a powerful reminder about the connection between parenting and re-parenting: We must give to ourselves what we want to give to our kids.

For a step-by-step written guide to the tapping exercise in this episode, go to You can also learn more about Gabby and check out her books at

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