Deep Dive: Navigating Pediatric Heart Disease with Greg and Kara Olsen

Greg and Kara Olsen discuss their son’s heart transplant and how they support their kids and build resilience amidst stress.

42 Min

When former NFL tight end Greg Olsen and his wife Kara’s son TJ was born with a congenital heart defect, they had no idea what to expect. Their parenting journey has since been defined by countless hospital visits and numerous surgeries, but it has also been defined by hope and resilience. In this week’s episode, the couple talks with Dr. Becky about how navigating their child’s major medical issue has shaped them as parents, partners, and people. They share how to mentally prepare your child (and yourself) for unknowns, why “small wins” keep them going, and how they’ve witnessed TJ and their other two children, Tate and Talbot, embody resilience. You can learn more about Greg and Kara’s work supporting other families navigating pediatric heart disease through their Heartest Yard Foundation and newest charitable effort, Receiving Hope, at

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