Deep Dive: How Do We Survive Pandemic Parenting with Two Toddlers and Two High-Stress Jobs?

Working from home, watching your kids, and overwhelmed with the pandemic – hear from a couple who is managing through this challenging time.

42 Min

The pandemic is a hard time to be a kid. It’s a hard time to be an adult. It’s a hard time to be an adult with kids! In today’s Deep Dive episode, Dr. Becky talks with infectious disease specialist Jessica Malaty Rivera and lawyer Joshua Rivera, who are struggling to break some parenting patterns after 18 months of living, working, and raising two toddlers at home. Their daughter and son are either thick as thieves or enemies, and sibling tiffs often turn into family shouting matches—leaving everyone upset. The three share an open and reflective conversation on parenting in the pandemic, discussing sibling dynamics, practical strategies for change, and the importance of self-compassion.

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