Deep Dive: Myriam Sandler of MOTHERCOULD on Frustration Tolerance and Sibling Dynamics

Simple strategies to help your child tolerate frustration, disappointment, and not-knowing – plus strategies for managing sibling competition.

40 Min

We want our kids to know what they want and stand up for their beliefs—and we want them to be flexible and get along with others. In this Deep Dive episode, Myriam Sandler of MOTHERCOULD comes to Dr. Becky for advice on helping her oldest daughter in moments of intense frustration: the ones that lead to shutting down and declaring “It’s all ruined now!” or “I’m not doing it anymore!” As Dr. Becky and Myriam look at what’s really driving these tough moments, they talk about building resilience, managing feelings about siblinghood, and recognizing ourselves in our kids. As always, Dr. Becky translates deep thoughts into actionable strategies, modeling scripts and how-tos along the way.

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